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The best biscuits from around the world ranked by Matt Preston




It had to be done. Frankly, I’m amazed no-one has done it already. Someone had to rank the world’s top biscuits, especially now that we’re moving into that wet and chilly time of year when pots of tea and biscuit-loving mugs of coffee are central to our happiness – if not our very survival!

Some may question my suitability for this heavy responsibility, but if I may point to my CV… 

At 15, I was a teaboy at the offices of one of the world’s largest tea importers and cafe chains, doling out digestives and custard creams from my rickety metal trolley to go with giant steamy pots of stewed tea and urns of teeth-staining instant coffee. My first-ever foray into recipe writing was a newspaper feature on biscuits. I took my…

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